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seobomj.ru - participants

Yury bashmet
Dmitry bertman
Igor butman
Eliso virsaladze
Valery gergiev
Mark gorenshtejn
Vladimir ziva
Of chik korea
John lill
Dmitry liss
Andreas makko
Shlomo minz
Michael pletnev
Yury simonov
Vasily sinajsky
Christopher tejnton
Maria ferenchik
Of kerola fittspatrik
Of justus frantts

The russian national orchestra
The symphonic orchestra of the big hall of conservatory
The russian state symphonic orchestra
The state academic big symphonic orchestra of p.i.tchaikovsky
The symphonic orchestra of maryinsky theater
The string quartet it. of borodino
Moscow chamber (&171;&187;) chorus
The orchestra &171;musica viva&187;
The academic symphonic orchestra of moscow state academic philharmonic society :

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Fund ' 100 years '
The moscow state academic philharmonic society

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2010 "rosinterfest"
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